JEI Bridgewater values the positive impact of these academic summer programs on the child.


Academic summer program
Academic summer programs organized by provide firsthand experience to the child. These programs help in the all round personality development of the child. JEI Bridgewater values the positive impact of these academic summer programs on the child. The child gets to benefit from academic summer programs organized by as they are close to nature. Here, at JEI activities are devised in such a way that the curriculum goals get fulfilled. Various concepts get cleared in the cognitive vision of the child by means of activities focused towards performance orientation.
Various activities are organized in the academic summer program in Bridgewater. focuses on child’s hobbies like trekking, music etc. participation of the child is the prime objective of these activities devised by JEI Bridgewater. Academic summer program in Bridgewater focuses on the development of child’s moral values and building of self-confidence. Child further gets motivated in these activities. Boosting his self-appraisal is the attentive area of activities. These activities make child independent. The child gains lifelong skills by means of these activities.
The child gets knowledge of social skills and connects with nature. Child acknowledges his interest areas which lay a foundation for his future career-oriented activities. Both physical and mental activities are included in academic summer camps organized by Innovative and discovery mode of learning is the prime teaching strategies of academic summer program organized by JEI Bridgewater. Unforgettable experiences are provided to next generation by means of various activities in the academic summer program in the town of Bridgewater organized by JEI. The child learns to respect each other views and ideologies with beliefs. This cross-cultural interaction at the program paves the way to make a child more social and mature person. The child becomes a good citizen of the country.


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