JEI Bridgewater STEM summer camp makes a child progressive leaps and bounds


STEM is a term used for an amalgamation of four subjects namely Science, Technology English, and Mathematics. This has an interdisciplinary approach towards four subjects. explores new areas of interest in the minds of children. This leads to a new innovative prospect in the future career development of the child. This exposure at JEI Bridgewater STEM summer program makes a child progressive leaps and bounds.
Various themes are incorporated into STEM Summer program organized by which have an everlasting impact on child’s cognition and mental level. The participatory activities for children at STEM summer classes Bridgewater enhance participants intellectual level as well as his social aspect is considered.
Scientific Approach
The STEM summer classes at inculcate scientific and engineering approach to make a child understand in topics experiments and experience are the basis of STEM summer classes at Direct experiences are provided here at JEI by means of hands-on activities comprehensive understanding of the concept is an added feature here at Project making and live training give a new insight and peep in use of scientific educational technology in STEM summer program well-trained staff supervise such activities here at JEI Bridgewater. STEM summer program at focuses on real world lessons and examples for the growth of students. Developing high-level thinking of the students is the prime objective of STEM summer program organized at Bridgewater. Enhancing communication and interaction with dynamic subjects is the main motive of STEM summer program at Bridgewater. Mixing various strategies in relation performance orientation of the child assess the programs of the students at STEM summer classes at STEM summer classes make technology included in education making concepts clarity easy accessible to each student’s smart classes and e-tech is used at JEI. STEM summer classes at Bridgewater in a student friendly environment. promises to deliver strong concepts in the minds of students at STEM summer classes at Bridgewater.


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