JEI Bridgewater helps the child in motivating the child


Summer program
Summer program devised by provides the synthesis of student’s potentialities. The prime objective is to make a child’s thinking more logical. JEI Bridgewater helps the child in motivating the child. General education program is the chief motto of summer program. focuses on making a child socially more acceptable. JEI makes learning easy and child-centered. Performance and interaction are intermixed here to evaluate the progress of the world. Creative innovations input is also given to the tiny torts. Simple and flexible execution is the chief characteristics of teaching strategies employed here at
Team work
JEI Bridgewater focuses on team work cooperation by various activities. analyses the communication, interaction and dynamic relationships between the students. Phenomenal principles and sparks embark development of child’s interest in various subjects. Making curriculum and its complex subjects easy is the motive of summer camp in Bridgewater. The attainment of goals by explores new techniques of advancement and execution. Direct learning experiences and their relation with adventures and hobby is the propounding atmosphere goals of summer program by JEI in Bridgewater. Making child a critical thinker and acknowledging his effort is the main concerned area of tutors at summer camp in
Conceptual Learning
The prime focus area of summer program organized by is to make a child understand his efforts and make him progressive on the path of sustainable growth. The child acknowledges various inputs of a critical thinker and learns new things by means of interpretations in inquiry mode or self-learning module. Experiences of the summer program by makes a child learn about being active and the child learns to construct his own views. Problem solving approach makes a child to face daily life problems in a better way at JEI Bridgewater’s summer program.


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