An institute chiefly focusing on enhancing children’s reading and writing efficiency


An institute chiefly focusing on enhancing children’s reading and writing efficiency and proficiency The Reading and Writing Classes here are intentionally designed for curriculum portfolio. The main focus is that print and non-print reading and writing efficiency has to be fully developed. The practical writing is designed in workshops focusing on diverse learners. The mastery of writing and assessment of reading abilities of a child are assessed here. Writing reflects thoughts, individualizes literacy development, infuses culmination of skills in a child and makes the child believe about contemporary designing. This teaching intervenes in the development of reading and writing language in a child. It is a study of consultation emphasizing remedial teaching in the field of language, arts, and literacy. The program requires that the grammar should be taught in a stress-free manner. The performance of the student is evaluated on the project work of tiny trots in the field of reading and writing. John Dewey has aptly remarked. “Educators … Are a part of ….. Teachers college community ….. Share a common belief……. Enhancing child…..” it prepares students for future endeavors of testing and fulfilling tasks. Moreover, it also strengthens the interpreting reading skills of a child.

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