JEI curriculum enhances the personality of the students is an institute known for robotics engineering. This branch of engineering deals with the mechanics of machines. This engineering tries to make student aware if basic tactics of operating a tool or instrument. This reflects machines and its operating systems. JEI curriculum enhances the personality of the students. The website address given above gives all the required account of the institute. The strategy is related to Ansubel’s organizer model as well as information processing system. The appearance of machines may create fear in a child’s mind but understanding them is considered as a boon in STEM as a teaching aid. It is chiefly related to lifting, walking, speech and cognition with others. Research design in technological advancement is also an important learning factor in teaching various objects. Robotics engineering is often associated with task making, electrical circuits and mechanical codes. Some factors of robotics engineering are related to programming in computer. Programs are the core point in robotic engineering with artificial intelligence used according to the human mind. Integrated units are also related in this regard. Mechanical, electrical and software are related to this task based approach in an efficient and easy going way. Configuration and technological advancement go hand in hand here.


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