Mathematics is the subject having concentrated focus on the development of inference

Mathematics is the subject having concentrated focus on the development of inference, logic and problem solving skills. The basic concepts associated with the creation, organizing, analyzing, testing and exploring the skills of calculations. These skills when developed generalize the facts constructed which have a great effect in the adaptation of child in his surroundings. Logical thinking when developed paves the way of knowledge acquisition that explores a child and his willingness to solve his everyday problems by using the tool of correct procedure. This skill development in a comprehensive way is done by This process of understanding should be individualized according to the child.

As the old saying goes, “practice makes a perfect man.” Mathematics and practice go hand in hand. This practice is usually assessed by various tests analyzing the achievement of the child. This learning is a kind of infotainment comprising information and entertainment. By entertainment  one refer to a kind of learning which is known as fun learning in today’s educational scenario.

This holistic approach in learning leads to the skills and strengthening approach. This maintains the proficiency and inhibits a strong foundation of the child. Such kind of tutorials constructs a context by mixing the traditional approach of learning with a new one. This signifies the encouragement and motivation given to the child psychologically.


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